Bird Feeder Is Finally Here!

The Bird Feeder is finally here! Please contact us if you are interested in this product! We are happy to offer you a free sample if you can give us your feedback in return! Here is the first capture of today! Birds love this feeder under the nice California Sunshine morning!

Osmo Review

I heard about Osmo when it was still a kickstart project. I knew two former googlers somehow has this creative idea to use a reflection mirror to expand the angle and area of the iphone front camera, so player can actually play on a table with a standing iPad only. Anyway, I appreciated its idea […]

More About Sherwoodbase Set up

What were done last week: – Registered Amazon associates, Google Adsense, Google Analystics, Shareaholic. Code are also added on the site – Got two Fiverr orders of logo and I decided to use the later one for logo (I am still keeping the first one for favicon use though)   (Which one is better? ) – […]

Disney Frozen Snowball Effect

Since the movie Frozen was released, there is a snowball effect rolling and rolling. As a father of two kids, I can see the influence of this movie onto my kids. And so does on every kids, including all of our lovely little cutie pies. First was the disney store, I can see a big corner showing […]

Establishing the new Sherwoodbase

It may be a little bit going too far but here I would like to talk about setting up the store on this site. So far on the August, I have stocked up some Funko Pop! of Frozen Figures and also some very nice hair accessories. Although not everything is going as smooth as I expected, […]

Sherwoodbase Start Over…. Again!

This site is all about anything that is happening on Sherwood Way, my home. First post of this new ‘another’ wordpress blog is to talk about my plan of this new site and the coming business. I also should provide a high level of business plan which I hope it can run successfully as an […]

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