Establishing the new Sherwoodbase

It may be a little bit going too far but here I would like to talk about setting up the store on this site. So far on the August, I have stocked up some Funko Pop! of Frozen Figures and also some very nice hair accessories. Although not everything is going as smooth as I expected, I found I am lucky that I still have not spend too much to try this new hobby. Sooner on further post I should share the expense I’ve spent.

So back to setting up this store. I should share what is the host of this site. Before I decided to use Arvixe as the host for my WP, I was thinking to use those ecommerce store that is already on the market, such as Shopify, Bigcommerce or even just an Ebay store or Amazon store (btw Amazon did gave me a super painful headache experience that I must also share here in the future). After all, I found a video tutorial on Udemy that was talking about ecommerce. I didn’t purchase the coarse but one of its preview lecture showed audience that Arvixe is a relatively stable but also cheaper web hosting company. It comes with one free domain life time registration when you sign up for the hosting . And it also has total of 6 domains for client to set up. Clients can play around with different combination or theme on their account. Besides, it also has the web store that offering a lot of tools and no set up fee. I used to use (well.. I am still using.. but kind of ignoring it ) goDaddy and I found it is not only cost more but also it didn’t offers much add-on services or module for web master. I am also lucky to find a coupon of Arvixe that can take another $30 off for my two years hosting plan, CLUE30. (Another coupon is AV20OFFPROMO but it can’t stack up) . So it makes my two yrs hosting fee down to $84 only. And thanks for the clouding computing , these old struggling web hosting companies now are so much generous than the old day (or becoz the hardwares are much cheaper nowadays ? ) and offer unlimited space and unlimited traffic! Isn’t it a great deal? Just $3.5 monthly to have my own fully controlled WP store instead of paying at least $14.X for shoptify! Slick deal is here!

More sharing about setting up this store coming!!

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