Establishing the new Sherwoodbase – part 2

Ok.. to continue the story. The registration of Arvixe is pretty straight forward. It emailed me all the information right after registration and I can login to the website portal to set up my first domain in 5 mins. My is still hosting by GoDaddy until next year’s May, I think I will let it hosting it more at least for a couple month until I am ready to migrate the whole bootstrap html site over here (I should share that experience as well!!! That’s a nice short few hours adventure) . Therefore I deiced to use since I already have that intention to set up a ‘business’.

Mm…. I think I should stop juggling around on my blog. Anyway, once I logged into the website panel, I can begin to set up the Domain and I can install the WordPress from its Web App Gallery right away:

Here I picked wordpress on the CMS category and enter all the required information. It took less than five minutes, the fully working WordPress running on the Windows environment. (I bet I didn’t mention I picked the Microsoft platform plan. ) It has the latest wordpress 4.0, with php, mysql all set up.. it is almost like a network MAMP for me!!

Last but not least, why did I pick Microsoft? If you know me in real person, you will know. Yes, becoz I am working as a Senior .NET developer for my full time job. What a typical Chinese immigrant! Yeeeeeeyah!



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