Disney Frozen Snowball Effect

Since the movie Frozen was released, there is a snowball effect rolling and rolling. As a father of two kids, I can see the influence of this movie onto my kids. And so does on every kids, including all of our lovely little cutie pies.

First was the disney store, I can see a big corner showing Elsa and Anna’s princesses dresses. And there are crowns, accessories, and even gloves, are all filled in the store and every online store as well. And this tide is just the iceberg. If you go to big retail store like amazon or custom store that selling halloween customs, you can see frozen are occupied every categories.

Couple weeks ago, I was so innocent and thought that I can find cheap non-legit frozen items to sell on Amazon. Then after days of learning FBA, and the Amazon seller program, I realize Frozen was really such a big hit that it hurts Amazon on last Spring very much. I didn’t try to find any evidence to support this rumor, but I can see words of mouth on the Amazon Seller forum were all talking about how Amazon decided to take back all the listings who were selling Frozen related items around March to April no matter they are selling legit stuff or not. There was a period of time that any Frozen products were disappeared from Amazon store , until after couple weeks later. However, the come back is cursed, since Amazon only putting the Frozen products that were selling by their own warehouse, but not to let other sellers to list this category in their inventory without approval. I bet they really rather missing this items than getting more customer complains about buying non-legit items.

I was so ambitious  that I was trying not to give up. I decided to collect Funko’s Frozen Pop! Figure like the following:


In the mean time, readers can find the whole complete set including the limited number of Exclusives:

Funko POP Frozen Elsa Anna Sven Kristoff Olaf 5 + 3 (Exclusive) Complete Set!

Frozen effect will never get tired, I am still waiting for its 3D Blu-ray and looking forward to see those characters on the ice!

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