Bird Feeder Is Finally Here!

The Bird Feeder is finally here! Please contact us if you are interested in this product! We are happy to offer you a free sample if you can give us your feedback in return! Here is the first capture of today! Birds love this feeder under the nice California Sunshine morning!

Osmo Review

I heard about Osmo when it was still a kickstart project. I knew two former googlers somehow has this creative idea to use a reflection mirror to expand the angle and area of the iphone front camera, so player can actually play on a table with a standing iPad only. Anyway, I appreciated its idea […]

More About Sherwoodbase Set up

What were done last week: – Registered Amazon associates, Google Adsense, Google Analystics, Shareaholic. Code are also added on the site – Got two Fiverr orders of logo and I decided to use the later one for logo (I am still keeping the first one for favicon use though)   (Which one is better? ) – […]

Disney Frozen Snowball Effect

Since the movie Frozen was released, there is a snowball effect rolling and rolling. As a father of two kids, I can see the influence of this movie onto my kids. And so does on every kids, including all of our lovely little cutie pies. First was the disney store, I can see a big corner showing […]

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