What is the best seed for the birds?

The most popular question for bird feeders: What is the best seed for the birds? Honestly, to some extend it depends on what types of birds you want to attract and what types of birds are surrounding your area (which means it depends on the seasons too). However, we highly recommend black oil sunflower seed […]

New Look!

Sherwoodbase now has a complete new outlook with using the latest video capture I have from last Saturday as the home page video header background. It is not done and still under construction. Guest, please feel free to comment!

Here comes the surprise…

Few days ago, I moved the bird feeder from upstairs to another window that is above my balcony. It is not only easier to install and refill the seeds, but also it provides another nice angle to watch the birds. I found they visit the feeder more often and they began a referral program! Here […]

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