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Sherwoodbase, Inc

"Sherwoodbase Window Bird Feeder"
We understand that you want to watch the birds but you don't want to put them in a cage. The feeder is custom made to fit on any windows with the provided suction. It is easy to be installed, and it is sturdy, customizable and handy to clean. It brings great entertainment for all family members, including indoor pets! Sit back and you can enjoy watching the birds flying around the feeder. Sometimes they may bring their families to share the fun in front of you!

Flexible and Fit Any Window
Although it may take a couple days for the birds to find your feeder, our product is so flexible that you can relocate it or remove it anytime! This feeder's top layer is flat so you can use it as a 'test drive' area or just put some seeds on it to let the birds have fun with the 2nd floor compartment!
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